The house on the banks of the Drac Rondeau-Montfleury

The small seminar of Grenoble, founded in 1812, first occupied a building Perrière street (today Quai Perrière) and Quai Crequi in the former Hôtel de Franquières.

He then gradually moved into a large estate purchased the Marquis de La Valette, and south of Grenoble, in a place called Rondeau, hence its name. This still exists: it became the Lycée Vaucanson.

Following the anti-congregational laws of the early twentieth century, the superiors of Rondeau, who were priests, were expelled from this place and the students were dispersed in different establishments of the region.

Parallel to this story, on the hill of Montfleury Corenc existed since Umberto II, the last of the Dauphins, a Dominican convent.

These places were then occupied by other religious orders, the last were also expelled in the early twentieth century. The field gradually fell into disrepair.

In 1907 several families Grenoble created a company in shares and bought the land and buildings of Montfleury: the Rondinoise.

Rondeau-Montfleury was born and this is January 2, 1908 there arrived the first students on this website.

We celebrated in 2008 the centenary of the arrival of students on the site of Montfleury.

Today, Rondinoise still exists. She turned in association law 1901 and continues with the management organization and management, the work begun there almost two hundred years.

Le Rondeau-Montfleury est formé aujourd’hui d’une école maternelle (3 classes), d’une école primaire (12 classes dont une ULIS) et d’un collège (20 classes, soit 5 classes par niveau), nous accueillons également des élèves en dispositif ULIS.

Rondeau-Montfleury is a private institution of Catholic education, under contract with the state, which welcomes children of all faiths and backgrounds.