La vie scolaire

20190214_105036Le Bureau de la Vie Scolaire Une équipe composée :

  • de 2 Coordinateurs de Vie Scolaire
  • de 2 référents éducateurs
  • de 4 éducateurs

La Vie Scolaire prend en charge les élèves dès qu’ils ne sont plus sous la responsabilité des professeurs.

20211214_091619Home students in the morning and throughout the day

  • Management delays and absences
  • Monitoring and supervision of students during breaks 3
  • Monitoring school cafeteria during lunch break
  • Supervision of students during hotlines
  • Control and management of outputs College
  • Management of sports between 13:00 and 14:00


A motivated team whose mission is to educate, assist and protect the students, establishing a climate of trust based on listening and dialogue.

Monitoring student Carnet correspondance

The first day of school, a tagboard is assigned to each student on which is mentioned the internal regulations of the institution and all the important information.

It is the preferred means of communication between the family and the college. The student keeps at any time this diary with him. Parents should consult and sign it as often as possible.

In the months of December, March and June 1 bulletin trimestriel is mailed to families with the means of the different materials and assessments of teachers.

Les parents peuvent également consulter en ligne les absences et les retards de leurs enfants, les relevés et les bulletins de notes et le cahier de texte de la classe sur le site

The teaching team meets several times per quarter to monitor each student in his school. Parents are contacted if necessary, either by a teacher or by the head teacher or by the responsible level.

Finally, parents are invited several times a year to meet with the teachers of their children.