Educational spaces


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Spacious, bright, open continuously from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 17h, CDI is a privileged space which promotes openness and independence of the student.



logo-esidoc-baselineEsidoc is a portal that allows you to learn about the activities at CDI and perform a literature search from the funds of the CDI. To access click on the attached logo.

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  • Espace work - Individual or group - to prepare files, exposés.Tous the sixth graders will receive methodological training in documentary research. In the 5th 4th and 3rd students reinvest their acquired doing research related to the curriculum (art, ancient Rome environment, volcanoes ...)Site 2













  • Espace lecture - Literature reading, relaxing reading, news ... – reading tips, reading club, reading workshop alive ...
  • Espace project : Thematic presentation of books, the Press Week, Learn to tell, club philosophy, activities related to the news (day against smoking, Vendée Globe, the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ...)


Bureau Documentation Information (Mrs responsible BARDOUX) The BDI is location information for the guidance of young. The BDI is a listening place which should enable each student to build ITS Personal Orientation Project By helping him to discover his abilities in helping to refine his tastes in helping to raise awareness of the school environment, academic and professional. The BDI has a solid documentation and software aid to orientation. The BDI Assistance implementation of courses in business for 3rd classes. The BDI organizes meet with students of 3 and 4 with young who have already made their choice of schools and their courses. The BDI offers briefing for parents and students in grades 3 to present the courses of the school. The BDI works link with head teachers to help a student find his way. The BDI receives all students in the third beginning of the school year and offers a customized listening to any student of 4th whoever wishes. Students and their parents are greeted individually each day between 12:30 and 14h and by appointment.


Charte informatique en téléchargement pour prise de connaissance Charte informatique RONDEAU

College students have at their disposal high-performance computers with Internet access in different places:

  • a computer room with 16 computers
  • 16 computers shared between the two technology rooms
  • 16 laptops for 3 laboratories and SVT physical
  • 3 computers in the art room
  • 5 computers at CDI

These remote systems, located in different buildings were connected in summer 2009 by the introduction of fiber optics to obtain a unique educational network.


I labo de langues

The language lab is equipped with 32 individual cabins.

Science labs

Trois laboratoires de sciences SVT et Physique entièrement refaits à neuf,accueillent les élèves du collège. D’une capacité de 30 élèves chacun, ils ont été conçus et équipés pour privilégier les manipulations en binômes : loupes binoculaires, microscopes, montages électriques, matériel de chimie, mais aussi ordinateurs portables et vidéoprojecteurs sont utilisés par tous les élèves.

Rooms technology

Les salles de technologie ont été entièrement rénovées. A la rentrée 2009, pour répondre à la demande des inspecteurs de l’Education Nationale, les classes ont été réorganisées en îlots de 4 à 5 élèves permettant le travail en groupe. Chaque îlot dispose d’un ordinateur en réseau. Ces installations idéales permettent aux élèves d’aborder les thèmes des nouveaux programmes 2009 : les transports, la domotique, l’habitat… en comprenant et en développant des concepts ou des systèmes comme ils pourraient le faire dans l’industrie.

Les arts

THE ARTS, College It's taking the time to discover, from looking, surprise, De marvel. Do not be indifferent! It features a dedicated room, equipped, which facilitates the practice of this discipline. Teaching that offers everyone the opportunity to exploit his talents, develop their creative abilities and acquire cultural knowledge. "Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible. " Paul Klee

Sports facilities

Rondeau Montfleury provides in-speaker exceptional indoor and outdoor sports facilities:

  • A gym 800 m2
  • A room of 200 m2 DOJO
  • An indoor climbing wall
  • 4 outdoor handball courts
  • A 200m cinder track
  • A grass field football 7
And all the equipment to the team sports (football, rugby, handball, volleyball and basketball), athletics, gymnastics, racket sports (table tennis and badminton), climbing , combat sports (wrestling and boxing French) and fencing (saber).