The mission

Our Catholic educational institution is attached to freedom of conscience, open to all, taking into account convictions. The pastoral team is responsible to welcome, to propose, to accompany and celebrate Christ.

Our identity, rooted in the Gospel urges us to witness the joy of the resurrection of Christ.

We have a duty to route each that each child and family who come to us.

Like the good shepherd; “He calls them by name and leads them out” , Jn 10, 3

– Welcome

The property welcomes everyone in its difference by taking into account the human dimension of the person. This diversity is an asset that positively welcomes Catholic teaching. The property is then the front door of a life journey which can become faith journey.

“Suffer the Little Children.” Mc 10, 14

– Offer


In Rondeau, students receive appropriate pastoral proposals. The school community supports students in these pastoral approaches.

Catechism: "Faith demands to be known, celebrated, lived and translated into prayer. Catechesis must promote each of these dimensions. "General Directory of Catechesis

La catéchèse primaire : From the Great kindergarten to CM2, the students one hour catechesis in school time. They are in small groups with volunteer catechists.

La catéchèse collège One hour of pastoral care is provided in the schedule. 6th and 5th are part of a catechetical itinerary that helps them prepare for the celebration of faith. And proposals for deepening of faith are made to 4th3rd to guide them to a Christian action.

Une formation humaine : These times and meeting points allow the discovery of Christian culture and other religions.

“Go to all nations and make disciples” Mt 28, 19

– Accompany

The hotel looks to provide everyone in its path.

The school community supports each person in his personal and spiritual enrichment process.

Our support is rooted in the Christian faith to give all men and all women of tomorrow the opportunity to testify.

” … went with them.”. Lc 24, 15

– Celebrate

Faith is a celebration and we are happy to get together to celebrate what makes our identity.

The school year is punctuated by highlights, celebrations.

Celebrating is a time of sharing, meeting and exchange for an opening to interiority.

“God so loved the world that he sent his only son that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.” Jn 3, 16