In Rondeau, students receive appropriate pastoral proposals. The school community supports students in these pastoral approaches.

Catechism: : « la foi exige d’être connue, célébrée, vécue et traduite en prière. La catéchèse doit promouvoir chacune de ces dimensions.» Directoire général de la catéchèse

La catéchèse primaire : From the Great kindergarten to CM2, the students one hour catechesis in school time. They are in small groups with volunteer catechists.

La catéchèse collège One hour of pastoral care is provided in the schedule. 6th and 5th are part of a catechetical itinerary that helps them prepare for the celebration of faith. And proposals for deepening of faith are made to 4th3rd to guide them to a Christian action.

Une formation humaine : These times and meeting points allow the discovery of Christian culture and other religions.

“Go to all nations and make disciples” Mt 28, 19